hotelsGive hotel guests an unparalleled entertainment experience with DIRECTV’s industry-leading HD programming, sports and channel variety. Plus, our Interactive Program Guide— FREE with DIRECTV HD—makes it easy for guests to find their favorite shows. Create an in-home experience in every room, only with DIRECTV.

Hotel Premier Program Offer For Dre and Dre Plus

DIRECTV Residential Experience systems are perfect for any property with home-run or loop-through wiring schemes. The “sweet spot” is properties with approximately 200 rooms; however, DRE can service properties with as few as 20 rooms or as many as 10,000.



  • Access to over 100 HD channels
  • HD Receivers
  • HD Interactive Program Guide
  • Full residential channel lineup
  • New enhanced HD user interface
  • No Master Control Server or switches required
  • Hospitality RC71H anti-microbial remote control

Dre Plus

    NEW! Customizable Guest Welcome Screen with interactive apps

  • Optional DVR functionality— pause, rewind, record live TV
  • Master Control Server
  • Channel favorites list
  • Co-branded interactive Program Guide
  • Parental controls
  • Property Management System (PMS) integration
  • Customized experience with up to 50 channels of local content
  • Send on-screen messages to rooms
  • Check-in/check-out functionality that
  • resets to default room settings

  • Coming soon: DIRECTV CINEMA® and On Demand Library

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